Stainless Steel - An environmental product

05. March / 2018

The Villa Urània in Barcelona has been extended by a new building complex, which offers a view over the naturally landscaped courtyards with gardens. The building was built primarily of materials with low environmental impact - the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh also contributes to this. The mesh is made of 100% recyclable stainless steel cables and ferrules.

The stairs and the façade are protected by a continuous mesh surface, also the installation of handrails has been realized in a light and easy way.

A geothermal heat pump system, supported by 11 sources distributed throughout the property, provides heating, cooling and hot water. On roofs, photovoltaic modules produce part of the electrical energy consumed in the building.

This project has been awarded with the Green Solutions Award 2017:

Photography: Aitor Estévez Olaizola

Architects: Sumo Arquitectes

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