Historic event location with X-TEND

27. April / 2018

At the "Zweigwerk11" X-TEND serves as a separation between the oldtimers, where the mesh out of blackened stainless steel cables and ferrules between the wooden bars creates a beautiful material contrast, preserving the open loft character thanks to its transparency. The mesh is held by a light stainless steel wire rope of the I-SYS stainless steel cable programm, which creates a decent connection between X-TEND and the wooden bars.

As a second project for this location, X-TEND was installed as a fall protection in the stairwell over 4 floors and consists of individually planned diagonal mesh surfaces, which were loosened up with stainless steel rings. The rings run at different angles, but exactly on top of each other, so even an additional vertical installation of lamps or decoration through the rings would be conceivable.

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