Museum storage with innovative climate concept

13. April / 2018

I-SYS stainless steel cables by Carl Stahl Architektur enable extensive greenery solutions in every dimension and actively contribute to sustainable building and modern climate concepts. The stainless steel wire rope systems, which are usable in various ways offer optimal climbing support for differentplant species and integrate facades into nature.

At the “Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân” in Leeuwarden, where five museums of the dutch province Friesland store their treasures, I-SYS is used as part of the innovative energy and climate concept. On 1000 m², stainless steel cables with a diameter of 4mm guide the plants along the rust-coloured fronts. With about 2,000 cross clamps, green areas were created which connect the building with its natural surroundings.

The main focus of the energy-efficient and low-installation building is sustainability in all areas. Besides of that, the Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân was one major argument for the city Leuuwarden to become the European City of Culture 2018 together with Friedland.

Photography: Marcel van der Burg

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