I-SYS is a system with endless possibilities. It is comprised of individual parts, cable assemblies and custom-made solutions. I-SYS is our invitation to you to join us in a cooperative partnership. CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s experts not only offer sound advice and plan projects of any size; they also provide inspiration for architects seeking the most aesthetically satisfying solution and carry out all necessary statical calculations. Our services to you are prompt and professional – and they are in demand all over the world. Our specialists' expertise extends from the initial idea through bespoke development to manufacturing, installation and after-sales support.


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External threads


Specially designed connectors, fittings and guides transform stainless steel cables into universal elements. They have to be strong enough to absorb the forces which occur yet at the same time blend in optimally with the architecture – a balancing act which the various I-SYS components negotiate with the greatest of ease. They include the filigree F50, a hammered external thread which connects stainless steel cables to end connectors perfectly with no visible seam, even if they have different diameters.

Please refer to our I-SYS product brochure for detailed information on external threads.

  • Slim shaft design
  • Optimal connection options
  • Very small though-holes
  • Only minimal reduction in breaking load
  • Round shape matches the cable

Internal threads


Long stretches of high-quality cable adorn bridges, plazas and stairways. They serve to enhance safety, demarcate areas utilised for different purposes or describe structures in public spaces. Posts with appropriately spaced cable stops are used to maintain exactly the right tension. Internal threads do sterling service here. Reduced to a formal minimum, they tauten the cables to the right length and keep them parallel to one another.

Please refer to our I-SYS product brochure for detailed information on internal threads.

  • Wide range of possible connections
  • Optimally coordinated shaft diameters
  • Economical cable stops for long distances

Forks and eyes


Slender and delicate, yet strong and built to last – these are the requirements that must be met by the connectors that secure the cables to the building. Intelligent design is absolutely essential here. The I-SYS range impresses with its unique aesthetic qualities.


Advanced stainless steel processing techniques and an organic design language are typical characteristics of CS forks and eyes. The international jury of AIT, the leading architectural journal, awarded the highly regarded “Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction” to the I-SYS range in recognition of the new elegance achieved by these industrial elements.


Please refer to our I-SYS product brochure for detailed information on forks and eyes.

Features Features (forks):
  • Wide range of possible solutions
  • Design-oriented
  • Optimally coordinated connection elements
Features (eyes):
  • Eye designs to match any fork geometry
  • Small sizes permit transparent solutions
  • Many different types to choose from

End stops


End stops give a structure the necessary stability. In combination with moulded parts they form secure connections for sloping cable runs. Ball heads and sockets are just two of the exceptional products included in the I-SYS range. This spherical duo are a patent-pending technical innovation for end connectors which can be inclined at an angle of up to 60 degrees. The principle of movement between the ball and socket was inspired by nature: the ball sits firmly in the socket, which is round and therefore fits perfectly regardless of the ball’s position. Rapid and formally coherent solutions which adapt flexibly to any angle are the result.

Please refer to our I-SYS product brochure for detailed information on end stops.

  • Reduced to the essentials
  • Flexible design options
  • Ideal for sloping cable runs
  • Attractive design elements

Cable, loops, clamps


Stainless steel cables are among the most versatile architectural elements. Whether of static significance or purely decorative, functional or aesthetic, discreetly integrated or designed to be eye-catching – cables add a creative dimension to any construction project. With diameters from 1 to 26 millimetres and end connectors from M4 to M36, the I-SYS range has the right components whatever the application. I-SYS transforms the formal unity of the cable and connector into a splendid architectural detail. No matter whether you opt for self-assembly or perfect-fit delivery, CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE solutions are optimally tailored to each customer’s wishes and requirements. It’s the end result that matters. Our team of professional I-SYS consultants have a practical answer to almost any question linked to planning, preassembly, manufacturing and installation.


Please refer to our I-SYS product brochure for detailed information on cables, loops and clamps.

  • Multiple design options
  • Proven standard elements
  • Surfaces with a high visual impact
  • Flexible installation solutions