Many years ago now, CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE came up with an innovative construction element that combines protection with aesthetic design: X-TEND. The potential applications for stainless steel mesh are exceptionally varied both indoors and outdoors. Amongst other things, it is used as balustrade in-fill, horizontal or vertical fall protection, dividers, façade cladding, green wall systems or simply very flexible design elements. Architecturally ambitious zoolutions such as lightweight, free-flight aviaries or big-cat enclosures with three-dimensional, curvilinear geometries are also built using X-TEND stainless steel netting. They are just one of the many specialities of CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s experienced planners and wire rope specialists.


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X-TEND is manufactures from robust, high-grade DIN 1.4401/AISI 316 stainless steel cables. The cables are swaged with tinned copper (type CX) or stainless steel (types CXE and CXS) clamps in a special process to form a mesh structure that is both stressable and flexible and suited for either two- or three-dimensional applications. X-TEND keeps its shape indefinitely and is generally maintenance-free.    

  • Protection combined with aesthetic design
  • Transparent and flexible
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Two or three dimensions
  • Innovative and durable
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Also available in colour
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Wide range of applications
  • Recyclable



X-TEND is custom-made for each individual application. Other than ease of installation there are absolutely no bounds as far as length and width are concerned. Mesh strips can be joined together with no visible seam if larger expanses need to be covered. Diagonal or irregular geometries can also be accommodated. X-TEND can have many different effects on the structure owing to the enormous number of possible combinations of mesh width and cable diameter. The choice is determined by functional, structural and aesthetic aspects.

Please refer to our X-TEND product brochure for detailed information on the various mesh types and sizes.



Preassembled cable mesh structures keep their shape regardless of their dead weight and any supplementary loads. The curvilinear surface and its tension ensure optimal stability. The necessary tension is achieved by means of the stress exerted by the cables on one another. The structure has an opposite curvature in the load-bearing and tensioning directions. Each cable mesh structure has a low dead weight in relation to its loading capacity and span width. The minimal material usage and low-mass design result in high cost efficiency.

Please refer to our X-TEND product brochure for detailed information on X-TEND stainless steel mesh characteristics, the factors influencing mesh tension and the available fastening options.

System solutions


CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE offers various system solutions to simplify purchasing and installation. Our X-TEND2 and X-TEND3 systems unite the high value of X-TEND stainless steel mesh with the well-known benefits of a standard product. Although X-TEND was mainly designed for use as balustrade in-fill, we can also supply rectangular and rhomboid panels in-filled with X-TEND. Custom-made or industry-specific solutions are developed in line with each customer’s requirements.



Features X-TEND2:
  • Adapts to any balustrade structure
  • Individually specified dimensions
  • Mounted on the inside of frames comprised of edging sections
  • Individual frames up to 1,600 mm long and 1,100 mm high
  • Rhomboid handrail frames also available for staircases

Design options


X-TEND forms the basis for new design ideas in both indoor and outdoor applications. X-TEND Colours – CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s range of coloured stainless steel cables – creates vivid highlights that make an eye-catching addition to any building. The decorative, emission-free polymer coating used for the cables is durable, weatherproof and physiologically safe.


X-LED – a sub-structure built from X-TEND netting especially for high-power LED lines – sets the stage for grand illuminations and high-impact messages. Moving images made up of individually controllable LED dots and the brilliance of 16.5 million colours captivate the eye.

If required, we can define and develop add-ons to meet specific project requirements, thus opening up even more design options for X-TEND mesh structures. Decorative and signal elements of every imaginable kind can be combined with X-TEND to achieve the maximum possible impact on the mesh surface.