Architectural Illuminations

X-LED sets the stage for grand illuminations and high-impact messages. Moving images, impressive lighting designs and the brilliance of 16.5 million colours captivate the eye. With its individually controllable LED dots and diverse supporting structures, X-LED provides infinite inspiration for creative ideas and bespoke applications. This innovative LED light module system from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE accentuates modern architecture and historic buildings, creates monumental landmarks and is a great eye-catcher for events and unusual marketing ideas. With its lightweight structure and three-dimensional tractability, it can be installed either permanently or flexibly.


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X-LED Mesh 7.5 sub-structure


Single X-LED LINE 7.5 LED lines are fixed to a stainless steel cable mesh with stainless steel clamps. The mesh width and dot pitch can be freely selected between 60 and 300 mm. The netting is attached to a sub-structure on the back. The LED mesh can be individually adapted to the geometry of the building with no restrictions on size.

  • Tractable in three dimensions
  • Adapts to the geometry of the building
  • Easy assembly
  • Low weight
  • Between 71 and 94 per cent transparency

X-LED Line 7.5 sub-structure


Single LED lines can be attached to various sub-structures which are adapted to meet specific building regulations or aesthetic requirements. We can either use your existing sub-structures or develop new ones to order. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information on these or any other sub-structures.

  • Single, individually configurable LED lines (minimum purchase volume: 50)
  • Maximum length: 35 metres

Custom-made solutions


In addition to media walls for projection over a large area, we also supply solutions for customised building illuminations. Our own product portfolio has been extended with numerous high-quality LED light module systems from leading manufacturers for this purpose. We are optimally equipped to comply with your specific wishes and needs as a result.

We would be delighted to help you realise a project in line with your individual requirements.

 Our services at a glance:

  • Feasability studies
  • Development of special components, sub-structures and LED modules
  • Cost estimates/design proposals
  • Selection of the most economical production processes and materials
  • Advice on surface finishing techniques
  • Assessment of structural influencing factors
  • Installation planning and material logistics

Service portfolio


CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s portfolio covers everything from individual system components to complete turnkey solutions. Our extensive experience spans a wide range of production process, project planning and structural requirements

  • Planning: sub-structures, connecting elements, system components, quantity take-offs, installation planning, scheduling, addressing, etc.
  • Statical analysis: calculation of the mesh/cable loads on the attachment structure, sizing of the sub-structures and fastening elements
  • Standard components: LED dots, power supply units, controls, software, sub-structures, etc.
  • Installation/supervision: installation of the sub-structures and LED components
  • Briefing/training: functions of the hardware components, use of the software, etc.
  • Maintenance: a maintenance contract can be concluded on request

Please refer to our X-LED product brochure for detailed information on mesh sizes.