X-TEND Unfurls Photovoltaic Canopy of Leaves at EXPO 2015 in Milan


At this year's EXPO in Milan, Germany is taking up the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" with its pavilion concept "Fields of Ideas". Lightweight and filigree, the load-bearing structure of the solar panels spans the exterior of the pavilion and carries the integrated organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules from BELECTRIC OPV, one of the leading manufacturers of organic solar cells. The specially designed cable mesh structures by CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE fit precisely to the requirements of the OPV system. The pilot project is a whole new way to integrate photovoltaics into architecture. The complex design planning by means of parametric software was carried out in close collaboration with CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE, BELECTRIC OPV and the architects of Schmidhuber.

Project EXPO Milano 2015 - German Pavilion, Milano, Italy
Application Design
Product X-TEND OPV
Services null
Architect Schmidhuber, Munich