Balustrade Design

Artfully decorated

X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh is not only usable flexibly – also due to numerous design options, there are not any borders for creativity. With sequins, stripes or LED-modules each balustrade infill becomes an eye catcher. Due to the individual choice of shape and colour as well as the variable arrangement, the add-ons can be used for decorations, as modern view protection but also as platform for information transfer.

Balustrade catalogue


Sequins in different shapes and colours out of plastics, metal and other materials can be fixed mobile or immobile at the mesh.

With stripes weaved into the mesh, patterns or themes can be illustrated.  

LED-Modules turn the balustrade infills into a screen. From different illumination patterns to moving pictures, the possibilities of X-LED are almost unlimited.  

The stainless steel cable meshes can not only turn into an optical highlight by adding extra elements. Colour accents can be set with coloured meshes in the standard colours red, green, blue, gold, white and black. Additionally, it is possible to use black ferrules.

Attachment with horizontal mesh direction

Attachment with vertical mesh direction

Attachment of stripes on the mesh


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh


Stainless steel wire rope system