Greening with stainless steel ropes and rope mesh


Combining nature with architecture

Due to greenery elements, it becomes possible to take green into the city and make nature perceptible there. Also in modern planning of cities, high importance is attached on integrating more and more plants and green areas into the cityscape. They are able to create a relaxed atmosphere and the plants give a vital aura to façades of for example buildings and parking garages.

Our products for greenery projects

GREENCABLE Greenery system


Greenery system
I-SYS Stainless steel wire rope system


Stainless steel wire rope system
X-TEND Stainless steel cable mesh


Stainless steel cable mesh
Modular system for greenery

Due to its fast and easy installation, the trellis system GREENCABLE is ideal for greenery of small or medium areas. Thanks to the variable combination of the single parts can be adapted ideally to different undergrounds and plant species. Different imaginable cable courses enable an individual and flexible design of greenery.

Greenery with stainless steel wire rope systems

In greenery, stainless steel cables used as trellis structure and where appropriate as safety measure. Furthermore, they are used as border construction for stainless steel cable meshes. Although they are very stable and durable, they are that filigree that they step into the background next to the plants but also capable of serving as modern composition during the growing phase of the plants.

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Greenery with stainless steel cable meshes

Due to their high loading capacity and span width with modest self-weight as well as the diamond shaped structure, stainless steel cable meshes are ideal for greenery respectively as trellis structure. In this context, the meshes often also serve as falling protection like for example at facades of parking garages. The plants provide shade and maintain air permeability. At the same time, the façade turns in to an optical highlight and takes green into the city.

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