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The criterion of sustainability are the consequences of a project. Social, environmental and economic factors are at the center of attention. Sustainability is also understood as the risk analysis and possible countermeasures.

The important focus is to verify the realisation of the diffrent requirements on the project development and the of the company himself. the following impacts will be assessed:


  •     Water
  •     Land
  •     Biodiversity
  •     Climate
  •    Avoidance of chemicals and rubbish
  •   Indication of all species from the red list ( IUCN)

Social development

  •     Infrastructure measures
  •     Poverty alleviation
  •     Prevent resettlement or rather to influence on     culturaly importantplaces
  •     Strengthening social and educational systems
  •     Stability in the economy

Economical and technical development

  •     Employment relationships and work safety
  •     Priority of local manpower
  •     Involvement of local functons
  •     Knowledge transfer
  •     Modernization of knowledge institute
  •     Maintenance of workshops and workplaces

Carl Stahl Architecture supports all regions of the projects in Germany

We are facing major challenges in relation to the forest, which we can only handle with communal powers. Especially the last year made us all impressively aware of how sensitive the ecosystem forest in Germany reacts to changes.

Here's a statement of Stephen Wehner, CEO of Bergwalprojekt e.V., our cooperation partner and more about the forest problem in Germany:


Climate neutral Website

Like many other things, the CO2e emissions associated with operating and hosting a website can also be compensated.

In the course of digitization, we also know that energy consumption will rise immensely over the next 30 years and, of course, CO2e emissions as well. For many years more than 60% of the energy needed for the rapidly growing digitization will come from the power generation of fossil fuels such as oil, lignite or hard coal. Therefore, in addition to moving to full eco-power, we decided to compensate for the 225,000 page impressions we received on our website in 2018. We bought 500 trees for Togo, which will be planted later this year. Trees not only bind CO2, so they are important in the fight against climate change, they also improve biodiversity, the microclimate, the water balance and provide shelters for animals. Like many other things, you can reduce the CO2e emissions associated with operating and hosting your website arise, compensate. There is an endless amount of literature online. Be it from the Federal Environment Agency or the big tech giants to many smaller organizations.

Thus, together with the village community of Abouzokope 500 native trees are planted. Among others, the Karitébaum, also known as Sheanuss or with the Latin name Vitellaria paradoxa. The nut shea butter is processed and can then be sold by the local community for an additional income in the market. We also plant the neem tree. Its antiseptic juice, which is obtained from branches, is often used in agriculture for protection against vermin or as medicine. In the climate protection project PROJECT TOGO, a brew is often cooked from the leaves and the split branches, which is then sprayed as malaria prophylaxis on the huts covered with palm leaves.



The Carl Stahl Architecture GmbH has set itself the goal of being a volunteer and contributor to the topics Carbon Neutral Company & amp; Site to give.

Set a good example

The Carl Stahl Architecture GmbH generates heat in the company itself.


The company natureOffice GmbH has certified our efforts on climate neutrality.