Tax consultants Frers-Sextroh & Partner have moved into a new office building on Bahnhofstraße in Westerstede which, with its modern architecture in gray steel and a large glass frontage, deliberately contrasts with the historic station building across from it. Its cubature sensitively integrates into the environment by incorporating the existing street lines on the eastern side. The I-SYS stainless steel wire rope system by CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE was assembled to form diamond shapes in front of the offices and embrace the entire building with its surrounding escape balconies. The filigree stainless steel wire ropes with a diameter of six millimeters form an expansive net with a mesh width of 500 millimeters. It underscores the lightness of the building and acts as a trellis structure along the façade for plants. This is how, step by step, a vertical garden is being created in the town center, adhering to the sustainable building concept with its low energy consumption, CO2-neutral construction and air conditioning with geothermal energy.