X-TEND | Double protective fence at the zoo animal of the year 2021

X-TEND | Double protective fence at the zoo animal of the year 2021

2021 is the crocodile zoo animal of the year

Zoos play a key role in protecting species. They are dedicated to protecting endangered habitats and at the same time breeding threatened species. In 2016 the species protection campaign “Zoo Animal of the Year” was launched in Germany. For the title, animal species are selected whose threats are not in the public eye, or animals that are on the verge of extinction. The leopard, cockatoo, hinged turtle, gibbon and beo have been chosen since 2016.

Are crocodiles monsters?

Crocodiles have a bad image. They are considered to be man-eating and dangerous animals. But there is much more to them. Crocodiles have an important place in the ecological cycle. As great hunters, they eat carrion and clean the waters. If the crocodiles were to be removed from this cycle, the ecological balance would go awry. Predatory fish increase, bacteria or aquatic insects would disappear. Important nutrients would be withdrawn from the waters.

Crocodile Hall Wilhelma Stuttgart

In 2005/2006, the crocodile hall at Wilhelma in Stuttgart was rebuilt and modeled on a north Australian landscape. Australian saltwater crocodiles live here. The double crocodile fence from Carl Stahl ARC gives visitors a close, but safe view of the crocodiles, because saltwater crocodiles can jump a few meters into the air. In 2019 Wilhelma grew - Frederick moved from Australia to the Stuttgart crocodile hall. At 4.3 meters and 520 kilograms, it is Germany's largest crocodile. Our X-TEND stainless steel cable meshis colored black and is integrated almost invisibly into the environment.

The advantages of X-TEND are obvious:

  • · light
  • · transparent
  • · high quality and robust stainless steel ropes
  • · low maintenance
  • · durable