Stainless steel rope systems from Carl Stahl ARC


High-quality stainless steel ropes are now conquering the interior and exterior of buildings due to their flexible areas of application. You can purchase three different rope systems from CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR - the I-SYS, the GREENCABLE and the POSILOCK. You can attach lamps, climbing plants, displays, picture frames and numerous other things to the stainless steel ropes.


security all along the line

You will find the I-SYS stainless steel rope system whether at sports facilities, bridges, on landmarks or on impressive viewing platforms. There, architects use the I-SYS for fall protection, railing fillings and as a rust-free holder for lamps. The I-SYS stainless steel rope is also used in the construction and securing of chairlifts. It fully demonstrates its high weather resistance, longevity and low-maintenance properties. Resistance to other substances is also an advantage for users in the food industry. Artists also often use the I-SYS stainless steel cable system to stage special objects.


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green thumb for walls

A green carpet that breathes life into facades and other walls - you can achieve that with the GREENCABLE by CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR. The advantage of the GREENCABLE, unlike the usual greening of walls, is that the roots do not dig into the masonry in a decomposing manner. Along the wire rope climbing aid, various plants can be used to shade and additionally insulate both a single-family house and an office building. The GREENCABLE can create visually appealing patterns horizontally, vertically and crosswise.


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high quality hanging

In modern apartments, galleries, museums and in public buildings and schools, you can use the POSILOCK rope suspension system to hang many objects on invisible, transparent stainless steel cables, so to speak. The rapid mounting of even heavy loads also makes the POSILOCK system ideal for use at trade fairs and in shop fitting. With the ceiling fastening you can replace disturbing stands in shop fitting, for example. Our rust and acid-resistant POSILOCK Colors ensure a wide range of colors.


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