Greencable Greening System

Wall mount unit + rope + fantasy = Your individual greening solution!

The wire rope greening system GREENCABLE consists of aesthetic aluminium wall mounts incorporating unique wire grippers to positively locate and lock the ropes when the desired tension is achieved. 4mm stainless steel ropes are simply cut and tensioned by hand on site. The flexible ropes can be guided horizontally, vertically or even crosswise through the spacer and easily attached with a screw. In combination with matching accessories, the weatherproof system can be easily mounted on facades and designed very flexibly: from horizontal or vertical cable guides to quadruple cable guides.

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Weatherproof anodized aluminum wall mount with cylindrical base for 4mm stainless steel ropes. Available in lengths (without 5mm accessory washer) 95mm and 150mm for M10 screw connections.

Disc made of aluminum, anodized for spacers. Dimension 60mm / 5mm / 10.5mm bore

Sealing washer made of EPDM soft material. Accessories for Greencable disc on uneven surfaces

Climber stud clip made of UV-resistant plastic for 4mm stainless steel rope. Dimension 50mm / 10mm.

Flexible 4mm stainless steel rope made of material 1.4401 suitable for Greencable system

Cover cap for rope ends. Made of black plastic suitable for 4mm stainless steel rope. The cover cap is simply placed on the end of the rope.

Connection clamp for rope crossing made of stainless steel 1.4401. Enables a simple and quick screw connection of two 4mm stainless steel ropes with rope crossing at an angle of 0-90 degrees.

Round connecting clamp made of gray plastic for 90 degree rope crossings. Diameter 21mm x 16mm for 4mm stainless steel ropes

Bolt anchor with external thread M10 made of stainless steel 1.4401. Thread length 30mm with total length 80mm

Dual thread screw with total length 80mm and thread length M10 x 20mm. Material stainless steel 1.4401. Suitable for use in combination with plastic dowels or for direct connection to wooden substrates.

Plastic dowel 803-1000-03 suitable for Greencable dual thread screw M10

Wire rope cutter for 4mm Greencable stainless steel rope. Allows simple and perfect cutting of the individual rope pieces


Use our fitting assembly instructions for the Greencable greening system.

GREENCABLE base including socket head screw
GREENCABLE Climber stud
Climber stud, UV-resistant
Rope 7x19
Wire rope end cap
Cross clamp, adjustable
CS-Cross clamp 90°, UV-resistant
Wall anchor BZ plus A4
Dual thread screw
Plastic wall plug for dual head screw
Wire rope cutter
Installation Instruction GREENCABLE

Cable guide variations

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I-SYS turns ideas into reality. The stainless steel cable system implements a wide variety of shapes and functions for modern architecture - both indoors and outdoors.



Wall mount unit + rope + fantasy = Your individual greening solution!



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