Golden Shopping experience | Hildesheim | Germany
Design mit I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystemen horizontale Verspannung

Wire rope systems

Golden Shopping experience

On March 29, 2012, the Arneken Gallery was opened in Hildesheim. In addition to the diverse shopping opportunities, the shopping center impresses customers with plenty of natural daylight. One of the highlights that always attracts attention is the golden sculpture. The gold curls, as the work of art is called, curl upwards over metal bands.

So that the gold curls sit precisely and securely, they were fastened using a prefabricated I-SYS stainless steel cable system. In this case, the cable system from CARL STAHL ARC serves as horizontal bracing. The people of Hildesheim and visitors from outside can shop in the numerous shops throughout the building and quench their hunger and thirst in the gastronomic establishments.

From orphan to mayor

The name Arneken-Galerie honors a well-known Hildesheimer. Henni Arneken, Hildesheim's former mayor, gave the mall its name. Arneken, born in 1539 and died in 1602, was an orphan at one year old. He was trained in Amsterdam and returned from trips to England and France as a wealthy trader.

The Arneken gallery now has 27,500 m² of retail space. Visitors can indulge in shopping pleasure on three levels. Those in charge of the mall are proud that a day nursery has been integrated into the mall. Here parents can have their children looked after by trained specialist staff free of charge while shopping.

Future and Past Culture

Not only because Hildesheim is applying for European Capital of Culture 2025, exhibitions and other cultural events are also held in the Arneken Gallery. Events like ...

  • the exhibition "Blickwinkel auf Langeweile",
  • the exhibition "Die gute Form" or
  • Autograph sessions with artists

… enrich the recreational landscape of the Hildesheimer sustainably.

The special features of the city include not only the artistic forms of design but also sights. Many people in Hildesheim are drawn to Marienburg Castle, and they do so frequently. The late medieval moated castle was completed in 1349. If you need a change of air after shopping in the Arneken Gallery, you can take part in one of the guided tours through Marienburg Castle.

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    Arneken-Galerie, Hildesheim, Germany
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    I-SYS, ø 10 mm

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