NL_Amsterdam_Yellow Mesh X-TEND, door in the mesh


Yellow highlight for Amsterdam

X-TEND Colours Ball catch net
  • Project
    Ball catch net AmstelHome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Application

    The student accomodation AmstelHome in Amsterdam is highlighted with a yellow stainless steel cable mesh which suits as a ball catch net on the roof. It is the counterpart of the orange mesh on top of the accomodation Ravel Residence. Both buildings get their special look thanks to X-TEND Colours stainless steel cable mesh by Carl Stahl Architecture.

  • Products

    X-TEND CX ◊ 80 mm, ø 1,2 mm, I-SYS Randseile Ø 10mm

  • Architect
    OeverZaaijer Architekten