X-TEND ball stop mesh on the HOGA school roof | Dresden | Germany


X-TEND ball stop mesh on the HOGA school roof

Students play their way up

Dresden has made a name for itself in the fields of culture, education, technology and research in recent years. The Saxon state capital with around 560,000 inhabitants is an important location for future-oriented companies and institutions. The HOGA schools are a community of independent schools with several types of school at four locations in Dresden. The HOGA schools emerged from the Hotel and Restaurant School Schloss Albrechtsberg, founded in 1991, and are now one of the largest schools in Dresden. Approximately 1450 schoolchildren currently live and study here and are accompanied by 150 motivated employees.

The Oberschule and the & nbsp; Grammar School & nbsp; share a & nbsp; school building on Zamenhofstraße. In 2019, the starting shot was given for the sports hall with an architecturally very sophisticated and colorful facade. An outdoor sports field with an integrated audience stage was created on the roof. The hall was inaugurated for the 2020/2021 school year and can also be used as an additional break.

A sports field in the sports hall

In order to be able to play safely on the sports hall roof, the playing field was bordered with an X-TEND ball stop mesh. A mesh size of 40 mm was used in the lower mesh strip. curious; excited. A total of almost 100 square meters of stainless steel cable mesh was used here. The assembly was carried out by qualified specialists from Carl Stahl ARC.

Ball stop mesh by Carl Stahl

Ball stop mesh are becoming more and more popular. Especially on the roof, a playable space is not only a highlight, but also saves space. Carl Stahl ARC is a specialist in the field of protection and ball stop mesh. The safety meshes prevent the ball from leaving the sports field and hitting other people. At the same time, a carefree and safe game is possible. Due to the high flexibility and transparency, X-TEND stainless steel cable meshoffer the possibility of inconspicuously adapting to the desired shape of the area to be protected.

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  • Application

    Ball catch mesh and fall protection

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    233 m2, ◊ 40mm &  60 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 10 mm, ø 12 mm

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    Baldauf & Baldauf