X-TEND Securing the terrain on an award-winning suspension bridge | Wernstein am Inn | Austria
Brücke Geländer X-TEND CXS Edelstahl-Seilnetz


X-TEND Securing the terrain on an award-winning suspension bridge


There are many connections between Austria and Germany. So it is almost surprising that there is something unique about it. Between the border communities of Wernstein in Austria and Neuburg am Inn the only suspension bridge spans this river. This bridge is also called Mariensteg. With the X-TEND stainless steel netting, pedestrians and cyclists are well protected.

Excellent design

In 2006 the Mariensteg was solemnly inaugurated. The architect Erhard Kargel from Linz won the tender with his concept for this suspension bridge. Already in 2008 the bridge was honoured with the nomination within the German Bridge Award. Although the bridge did not win this prize, it made up for it with another prize. The German branch of the French car manufacturer Renault nominated the bridge, which is secured along its entire length with the X-TEND CXS stainless steel mesh, for the renowned Renault Traffic Future Award 2008. The prospects for the passers-by on Mariensteg are as good as they were for the award of the prize, thanks to the mesh of the X-TEND. The trophy was accepted by architect Erhard Kargel from the hands of jury chairman Christoph Ingenhoven.

Unobstructed view of the natural wonders

Besides the X-TEND CXS, the award-winning Linz architect was also ...

  • the ISYS stainless steel cable system,
  • the XLED light module system,
  • the GREENCABLE planting system and
  • the POSILOCK rope suspension system

... available. As minimalist as his style is, Erhard Kargel decided to focus on the X-TEND CXS. Around 180 m² of this was professionally stretched. Thanks to the 50 millimetre wide meshes, cyclists and pedestrians alike can enjoy the unforgettable view of the Inn undisturbed.

It closes a 16 kilometre long gap that has existed for 45 years. Ferry traffic was discontinued at that time. Between the bridges in Schärding and Passau, the Mariensteg is now a new way of connecting states from one language family.

  • Project
    Marien Bridge, Wernstein am Inn, Austria
  • Application

    bridge railings

  • Products

    180 m2, ◊ 50 mm, ø 1,5 mm