Study green with X-TEND & I-SYS | Garching | Germany
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Study green with X-TEND & I-SYS

Study with a future

More than 10,000 students study at the Garching University and Research Center. Here practical and theoretical science is practiced in the disciplines of physics, chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering and mathematics. The numerous inquisitive students spend a large part of their learning and leisure time in the arcade houses. So that these centers of student get-together create a high quality of life, the facades were both landscaped and secured with the X-TEND stainless steel cable network.

In addition to the X-TEND, CARL STAHL ARC also provided the I-SYS stainless steel cable system for the safety and well-being of the students. Planned by the architects and city planners Fink + Jocher from Munich, both the transparency of the X-TEND and the many surrounding paths of the system give it its vital and open character.

Airy and safe facade thanks to the X-TEND

So that the people on site can walk safely over the arcades, two mesh sizes of the X-TEND were attached at the chest. In order to make the net more flexible and springy, an intermediate rope was not used. The architects thereby ensured that, on the one hand, the requirements for the building were met and, on the other hand, the airiness of the facade was preserved.

The TU Munich is focused on the technical side of human life. Nevertheless, the scientific staff and students there also know that nature is an important factor of well-being. For this reason, the X-TEND stainless steel cable network was and is used there for the greening of the entire system.

Nature right outside the door

The change of the seasons can be experienced up close for the residents of the student dormitory. The budding, the blooming, the withering and the decay - everything is transported along the seasons via the climbing and climbing plants. So that the plants are visible to every resident, the X-TEND wraps around the entire house like a throw. It replaces railings and non-load-bearing walls.

The students also live in the arcade houses ...

  • the Munich School of BioEngineering,
  • the Munich School of Engineering and
  • of the TUM Institute of Advanced Study (IAS).
  • Project
    Student residential complex, Garching, Germany
  • Application

    Design of facade, fall protection and greenery

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    2.000 m2, ◊ 120 mm + ◊ 240 mm, ø 3 mm / ø 12 mm