Fassadenbegrünung Garden-Tower Wabern X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz




Garden-Tower - with the X-TEND greenery high up

A futuristic and pleasantly green building - the Garden Tower in the Swiss town of Wabern, very close to the capital Bern, is the first high-rise building in the land of the Swiss Confederates to have a planted facade. To prevent the tendrils from digging themselves into the masonry in a decomposing manner, the responsible persons installed the X-TEND stainless steel safety mesh.

However unusual the façade design of the Garden Tower may appear at first glance, the choice of a strong, flexible and secure stainless steel mesh that gives the residents peace and security is understandable.

Green space on noble steel - greenery on the X-TEND

The Garden-Tower with its 16 floors is already a real landmark of Wabern. A mighty colossus of concrete and steel. Like a large safety net, the filigree, flexible and unyielding mesh stretches around the building. A whole biotope winds its way up to the sky along this mesh of metal. Climbing plants sprout unstoppably upwards from every balcony of the building.

Gradually, the building that the eponym with Garden Tower had in mind is created. The greening of the façade was one of the builders' central concerns. This is intended to bring nature back into the community of people.

A curtain of healthy air

Thanks to the green blanket, a curtain of renewable and pure oxygen, the entire fall protection system of the X-TEND is rapidly growing upwards. A further positive aspect is that each individual apartment in the complex thus receives more and more natural shade, leaf by leaf. This biotope can be maintained by the residents, but can also be left to Mother Nature and her rainfall and sunny days.

Problems with exhaust fumes can easily occur in urban settlements. The tendril forest along the X-TEND safety mesh by CARL STEEL ARCHITECTURE absorbs CO2 and thus ensures pure breathing air for all residents.

  • Project
    Garden-Tower, Wabern, Switzerland
  • Application

    Façade, Fall protection

  • Products

    X-TEND CXE 3600 m2, ◊ 80 mm, ø 2,0 mm

  • Architect
    Buchner Bruendler
  • Photographer
    Michael Blaser, Daniela Tonatiuh