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Wilhelma in Stuttgart is a unique combination of zoo and botany, integrated into a historic palace complex. About 11,000 animals in over 1,200 species from all over the world live on about 28 hectares. It is the second most species-rich zoo and the only zoological-botanical garden in Germany. In March 2018, two snow leopards moved into the former polar bear enclosure. It took a year and a half of construction to expand the entire area down the slope. The snow leopards' new home covers 730 square meters. In April 2021, the second offspring of the two big cats came into the world - and equal triplets.

Offspring of high importance

There are estimated to be only 4000 snow leopards left in the world. Wilhelma is very committed to the protection of species and, together with the Sponsors' Association, invests a lot of money and dedication in the breeding of endangered species. Zoo enclosures place high demands on the architecture and the products selected. Zoo enclosures from Carl Stahl Architektur guarantee a high level of safety and stability as well as species-appropriate animal housing and an unrestricted view. Predators are both fascinating and dangerous animals. For this reason, safety is a top priority in the construction of predator enclosures, along with the most species-appropriate design possible. In order to do justice to the animals' characteristics, spacious and varied enclosures with sufficient retreat options must be designed.

Zoo enclosures with X-TEND from Carl Stahl Architektur

Our X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh blends in with the natural environment. The pre-tensioned X-TEND stainless steel cable nets allow large spans and thus provide generous movement and free space for the animals. The scope for activity is extended into the third dimension and allows climbing right under the rope net roof. The transparent and filigree structure of the stainless steel cable net provides visitors with almost barrier-free views into and out of the animals' habitat, which is modeled on nature. In this way, zoo enclosures made of post-tensioned X-TEND stainless steel cable nets promote the natural behavior of the animals by extending their range of activities into the third dimension.

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