Light and safe - X-TEND securing the Deichtorhallen Viewing platform | Hamburg | Germany


Light and safe - X-TEND securing the Deichtorhallen Viewing platform

Floating work of art

Visitors marvelled at artistic brushstrokes on the walls, installations and sculptures adorned the floor, and there was even a walk-in art room hanging above people's heads. In Hamburg's Deichtorhallen, a centre for contemporary art and photography, the British sculptor Antony Gormley created the "Horizon Field" in 2012 on the occasion of the documenta. As an art installation, the walk-in steel construction hovered around 7 metres above the ground. From there, visitors could look down. Safety as part of the art was provided by the stainless steel mesh X-TEND by CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR.

Easy, flexible, safe - the X-TEND steel mesh

The Turner Prize-winning Antony Gormley constructed a platform weighing a total of 60 tons, which swung easily and securely over visitors to the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. The temporary installation hung from the 19-meter high ceiling. The visitors were only allowed to enter it barefoot. The senses were challenged by sound and visual features.

The stainless steel cable meshensured that the confused senses of the guests did not lead to unfortunate accidents. Instead of relying on a rigid, significantly heavier safety net without any possible compensation for vibrations, the award-winning artist worked with the light, flexible and at the same time particularly safe X-TEND steel mesh as a horizontal fall protection.

Art imitates life - security also in other places

A surface area of 1,250 square metres hangs at a dizzying height - secured by a cable construction and at the edges by the stainless steel cable mesh X-TEND. Here art imitates life. The X-TEND, as part of the work of art, also gives people security in other places. Whether on bridges, elevated roads, mountain ridges, tree houses and even as safety mesh in the enclosures of cats of prey in zoos, X-TEND stainless steel mesh are in use.

You can see that art uses high-quality materials to give the world a piece of culture.

  • Project
    Deichtorhallen Viewing Platform, Hamburg, Germany
  • Application

    Fall Protection

  • Products



    280 m2, ◊ 80 mm, ø 3 mm

  • Photographer
    Antony Gormley / Henning Rogge