I-SYS & X-TEND according to the Montessori method | Karlsruhe | Germany
Evangelische Grundschule Karlsruhe Carl Stahl Architektur X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz Absturzsicherung


I-SYS & X-TEND according to the Montessori method

Open learning atmosphere

Not only does the Jakobusschule Karlsruhe have pupils who are eager to learn and a highly motivated pedagogical team, the interior and exterior were also secured by those responsible with the X-TEND stainless steel mesh. It was also used as a safe railing infill.

Following the example of the Montessori schools, the Evangelical Primary School was founded in 2009. The task of helping children with and without special educational needs was taken on by the teachers in the knowledge that conventional grading would be abandoned. Even though it is not common at the Jakobusschule in Karlsruhe, we at CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE award a well-deserved A for this great concept of supporting young people.

Master builder of himself

To be open to new things and according to Maria Montessori's motto "Master Builder of the Self", most of the elements of the school were chosen only according to how they can help the children on their path of life. According to Maria Montessori, the development of a child also requires a healthy body - that is, movement.

In any case, the sports field of the Jakobusschule in Karlsruhe invites children to play ball. So that none of the balls can crash through one of the windows, the exterior and interior areas were separated by the springy, flexible and safe X-TEND stainless steel netting. In particular, the corridors along the sports field were also protected by the mesh.

Development of an own personality

The school offers the children a learning atmosphere which on the one hand arouses their curiosity and on the other hand encourages independent learning. The focus is not on the subject matter, but on the development of an individual personality. The teachers also encourage the children to have fun learning, as they believe that this is the best way for the child to benefit.

Important for parents, teachers and pupils are ...

  • - Charity,
  • - social competence,
  • - Tolerance,
  • - an active community of parents and
  • - a clear vision of the future.

One of the special features of the school is that it focuses on full inclusion of children with special educational needs.

  • Project
    Protestant primary school, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Application

    Fall protection

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    150 m2, ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 8 mm