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LED light design

Port of Kiel

The PORT OF KIEL is one of the most versatile ports in the Ostseekai. The location, the permanent depth for seagoing ships and the direct connection to the rail and road network make the port equally attractive for freight and passenger traffic. Ships at the port require electricity for lighting or to cool food, the generators powered by ship diesel is fed in. Now a hitherto unique highlight has been created on the most visited artificial waterway in the world. The new shore power system with our X-LED facade is a breathtaking eye-catcher. The system covers 44 percent of the energy requirements of the ships lying at the port of Kiel in an emission-free and climate-neutral way. In two years, it should be 60 to 70 percent.

12,000 LEDs are becoming a new attraction in Kiel

The X-LED stainless steel network with more than 12,000 built-in LEDs was realized in cooperation with Carl Stahl ARC, Trilux Cologne and TEAMLICHT Hamburg. When all LEDs are fully operational, a wide variety of motifs are conjured up on the LED wall on a display measuring around 720 square meters and consuming almost 25 kilowatt hours of green electricity. Thus, the new shore power system for climate protection is also visually visible and sets a highlight with different lighting situations that change continuously.

X-LED light design with outstanding properties:

  • High performance
  • LED modules
  • Suitable for video
  • Connection via standard interface
  • Easy to use
  • Low power consumption

Further advantages of our X-LED line

Due to the high light and wind permeability, we prevent the LEDs from being damaged in strong winds, for example. In terms of weather resistance, X-LED is a guarantee. The low weight is a great advantage, especially during installation. Due to the 3D formability, customer-specific solutions are our great strength.

  • Project
    Port of Kiel, Kiel, Germany
  • Application

    LED Light module system

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  • Architect
    Teamlicht Hamburg
  • Photographer
    Markus Bollen