Recreation and a new climate concept on the Danube Canal

Vienna - also known as the “green city” - is Austria's most populous city with over 1.9 million inhabitants. The city center extends along the Danube, half of the city area is grassland. In order to escape the urban stress, a new space can be experienced at the floating gardens of Vienna that was previously inaccessible. The historical building, the Kaiserbadschleuse, is the base of the island. Inspired by the floating gardens in Paris, a Viennese version was created around the lock body.

The floating gardens of Vienna

The floating gardens were opened directly on the Danube Canal in October 2020. The new park on an area of 1,500 square meters with seating and lounging options creates a new and freely accessible lounge area on the Danube Canal. In contrast to the promenade on the opposite bank, the floating gardens are intended to be more of a recreational area and have been declared a “consumption-free zone”.

Offensive against climate change

The greening of the island is intended to help cool the area on hot days. This is achieved by planting so-called climatic trees, such as the floating gardens with resistant elm species. The previous concrete island will now give way to a lush park on the water. The planting islands are intended to reinforce the pleasant cooling air aisle effect on the Danube Canal through their planting.

Fall protection to the water

The railings along the floating gardens in the middle of Vienna were filled with Carl Stahl ARC X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes. 300 running meters of CXL mesh with an 8mm suspension cable frame were installed, which has a mesh size of 40mm and a cable thickness of 1.5mm. Railing infills with X-TEND have two important advantages: transparency and fall protection. Safety and design are combined here. The stainless steel cable mesh allows unrestricted views of the Danube and the Otto Wagner House opposite.

Various X-TEND railing infills on the water

  • Floating Gardens of Paris
  • Atlantic Road, Eldhusøya Island, Norway
  • Pedestrian and cycle path bridge in Sassnitz, Germany
  • Pedestrian bridge Malraux peninsula Strasbourg, France
  • Hoboken Pier, USA
  • Project
    Schwimmender Garten Wien, Wien, Austria
  • Application

    Railing infills and fall protection

  • Products



    300 lfm, ◊ 40 mm, ø 1.5 mm

  • Architect
    Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Photographer
    Martin Jordan