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Posilock hanger - stylish streetwear in Stuttgart

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Shoes are not just a protection for our feet. Today shoes can send a communicative message. "I know who I am" or "We are united with snipes". The shoe chain also operates several trend shops in Baden-Württemberg's capital, Stuttgart. There, young and young at heart can follow their penchant for extraordinary sports shoes.

Snipes attaches great importance to the presentation of the shoes in their stores. That is why those responsible rely on CARL STAHL ARC's POSILOCK suspension and mounting system when equipping their high-traffic shop in the Milaneo Stuttgart shopping center. The well-known shop builder Seibel and Weyer was commissioned with the construction, who knows the high-quality properties of POSILOCK and its clamping and holder components very well and has already used them many times.

Highest shelf transparency and perfect positioning

The selection of high-quality shoes in various sizes is excellent in the Snipes store. The POSILOCK enables footwear to be presented at different heights. So children's shoes, women's shoes and men's shoes can be presented at the average eye level of the respective buyer group.

With the POSILOCK, transparent shelves are hung here so that customers can keep an eye on both the shoes and the rest of the Snipes store. The transparency of the shelves should not obstruct the customers' eyes when browsing. The thin steel cables of the POSILOCK also fulfill this function. So instead of building on thick and opaque shelves, the steel cables enable an open store concept.

Different occasions - consistently high shoe quality

Snipes focuses on the shoe. The creators of the shops show that shoes can be more than footwear. Shoes in the Snipes store are ...

  • Leisure companion,
  • StreetBuddys,
  • Weekend treaders,
  • Work assistants

... and always a striking fashion statement. Top international brands and current insider tips from the world of shoe fashion hang, securely held by POSILOCK, in the Snipes Store in Stuttgart's Milaneo shopping center.

  • Project
    Snipes Store, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Application

    Fair construction and shop design

  • Products

    POSILOCK suspension and installation system