Playing safety for children in Amsterdam with X-TEND | Amsterdam | Netherlands
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Playing safety for children in Amsterdam with X-TEND


More than 850,000 people currently live in Amsterdam, the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In order to make people feel completely at home, the city's leaders have ensured that there is something extraordinary to see and experience for all tastes.

For example, people with an affinity for art visit the Van Gogh Museum. For all those who want to find out about one of the most famous individual fates of the Second World War, the Anne Frank House offers a deep insight into the time. Lovers of culture and nature are always drawn to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Not only can you breathe freely here, but plays are even performed in the open-air theatre. For children with an irrepressible urge to move, the city has come up with something very special. The play structure "Flamingo" was completed in September 2015. So that nothing happens here to the many children who are laughing and romping, the entire structure is surrounded by X-TEND stainless steel mesh from CARL STEEL ARCHITECTURE.

Fast and secure construction

The Netherlands act fast. The design for the "Flamingo" play structure will reach those responsible in the city council in the spring of 2015, and by September it was already available for free to the children of residents and visitors in the "Frederik Hendrikplantsoen" park. The area around the park is called Jordaan in Amsterdam. This area is bordered by ...

  •  the Singelgracht,
  •  the Prinsengracht,
  •  the Brouwersgracht and
  •  the suffering.

Safe children, relaxed parents

Initially laid out as a working class district, Jordaan has developed into a centre for living space for well-off families. The "Flamingo" play structure offers the families living here the opportunity to visit a day care centre with their children, where, thanks to the safety features of the X-TEND stainless steel mesh, a lot can be experienced in a carefree and playful manner.

On their own, in pairs or in a group, children can have safe fun in the "Flamingo" play structure, a 3D application of the X-TEND stainless steel safety mesh. The flexible, springy yet impermeable mesh structure also reassures parents.

  • Project
    Play structure "Flamingo", Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Application

    X-TEND Safety

  • Products

    3D-construction of a X-TEND mesh

  • Photographer
    M. Beek & J.M. van der Schaaf