Greencable installation on a sports hall | Eitensheim | Germany
Sporthalle Fassadenbegrünung Greencable Rankhilfe


Greencable installation on a sports hall


A sports club is usually not something that is simply created out of thin air. A sports club like SV Eitensheim 1946 e. V. is something that has grown up. And it is exactly this thought that the club's board of directors has thought of a great way to show this to the outside world - the greening of the club's own sports hall.

The sports hall should be as green as the lawn on the club's premises. This should not just happen with a few buckets of paint. The GREENCABLE from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE was installed on the façade and other walls of the hall. For some time now, there have been climbing plants growing along the walls. So everybody can see that the SV Eitensheim 1946 e. V. is growing more and more in height and width.

Mass sports in Eitensheim

Talk about width. The popular sport is absolutely important to the club members. In the town of around 3,000 inhabitants, the club offers no less than seven different sports. These include ...

  • Football,
  • Volleyball,
  • Tennis,
  • Budo,
  • Table tennis,
  • Skittles and
  • Gymnastics.

Of course, such a sporty community loves the fresh and clean air. Through the GREENCABEL the sports club makes an important contribution to this. Not only do the plants that grow there produce oxygen in large quantities, their location by the road also means that they suck in car exhaust fumes, so to speak. In this way the air is better cleaned of pollutants.

Rope pattern decides on appearance

One of the visually most important decisions when laying the GREENCABEL is which pattern to use. The SV Eitensheim 1946 e. V. has decided on upright rhombuses. Although the municipal coat of arms adorns two half-lying lozenges, one should not be petty in the sense of plant growth.

The GREENCABEL used has a cable thickness of 4 millimetres and can therefore not only withstand the growing weight of the plants, but also wind and weather excellently.

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    Sports hall, Eitensheim, Germany
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    GREENCABLE, ø 4 mm