A shining new center in Göppingen | Göppingen | Germany
Lampenabhängung I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystem

Wire rope systems

A shining new center in Göppingen

I-SYS light suspension

The administration of Göppingen endeavored to revitalize the slightly orphaned pedestrian zone. The concept of inspiring people with a modern and attractive promenade worked out. So that Göppingen and the many thousands of guests not only recognize everything well during the day, the decision was made to install an innovative lighting concept above the street.

In order not to block the new Göppingen promenade with pillars or columns, the administration decided to connect the LED street lights to the buildings in the immediate vicinity using I-SYS stainless steel wire ropes. This created a safe, hard-tensioned and at the same time flexible system of ropes that can withstand any weather.

National climate protection initiative in Göppingen

Illuminating the promenade with the high-quality LEDs on the I-SYS stainless steel wire ropes from CARL STAHL ARC in Göttingen is also based on a sustainable environmental concept. As part of the national climate protection initiative, the Federal Ministry for the Environment has been funding a large number of promising projects since 2008. These make a major contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Federal Environment Ministry is funding within the framework of the initiative ...

  • climate protection projects,
  • Master plan municipalities,
  • neighborhood projects,
  • Model projects,
  • cycling projects and
  • various competitions.

The help ranges from short-term and specific to long-term strategic. The projects thus achieve a variety that those responsible call the guarantor for good ideas. Ultimately, according to the ministry, consumers in particular should benefit.

Fans and visitors celebrate under the LED lamps

Here in Göppingen, where the I-SYS stainless steel wire ropes illuminate the pedestrian zone, you are not punished for sporty handball, but sent to the handball Bundesliga. Frisch Auf Göppingen has won the German handball section 11 times. International success was achieved by winning the European Champion Clubs' Cup twice and winning the EHF Cup Winner competition four times.

The club often celebrates its successes in the city center. The Göppingen city festival also takes place here every September. Both the handball fans and the many celebrants at the city festival are pleased that everything is well lit and excellently assembled.

  • Project
    Street lighting pedestrian area, Göppingen, Germany
  • Application

    Light suspension

  • Products

    I-SYS, ø 8 mm