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X-TEND safety mesh for the leopard enclosure

Meshes, climbing opportunities & trees

A leopard print works best with a leopard. Zoos around the world have provided them with a refuge so that these big cats at risk in their homeland have a chance. The impressive animals can also find such a safe haven in the Kulturzoo Hoyerswerda. This species-appropriate form of posture gives the elegant skimmers plenty of opportunities to demonstrate their excellent climbing skills.

In addition to smaller climbing opportunities, some massive trees line the facility of the animals. To prevent the powerful leopards from disappearing without permission, an X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh from CARL STAHL ARC secures the entire site. This rope meshenclosure offers protection for people, but also for animals. So both sides can admire the other relaxed and without fear.

Security brings youngsters

The leopards don't eat on the floor either. They drag their prey onto a branch with overwhelming strength to eat there in peace. Therefore, the integrated trees are not only intended for climbing fun, but also as a retreat for the otherwise shy animals.

We at CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE are particularly pleased that the concept of the Hoyerswerda cultural zoo of species-appropriate husbandry also works in a species-preserving manner. The safety that the X-TEND enclosure provides to the animals made them feel so good that they looked after their offspring. A Chinese leopard cub was born on May 4, 2020. This is not only new for the Kulturzoo Hoyerswerda, it is also the only one of its young kind in Germany.

Great and diverse leopard enclosure

Mother BaoBao and father San are on the best way to show the offspring the diversity of the enclosure. The ...

  • Erratic blocks,
  • Viewing platforms,
  • Tree stumps

... and many other climbing options as well as the safety concept including the X-TEND were built according to the zoo with donations and funds from sponsors.

Zoo manager Eugène Bruins is happy that mother and child are doing so well, since BaoBao had already lost two cubs since she came to the zoo in 2018.

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    Zoo Hoyerswerda, Hoyerswerda, Deutschland
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    410m² ◊ 70 mm & 50 mm 


    Ø 8,12,16 mm

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    Baldauf & Baldauf