High-quality X-TEND enclosure nets for primates who enjoy climbing | Ostrava | Czech Republic
Zoo Ostrava Schimpansen Gehege X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz

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High-quality X-TEND enclosure nets for primates who enjoy climbing


The Ostrava Zoo and Botanical Park is located in the deep northeast of the Czech Republic. After the zoo in Chomutov, Ostrava Zoo is the second largest zoo in the country with 100 hectares. The inhabitants of the third largest city in the Czech Republic enjoy visiting their animal friends in the zoo, whether in summer or winter. Chimpanzees are extremely popular. The people in charge of the zoo have built a special outdoor enclosure for them.

The most important component for this species-appropriate outdoor enclosure is the X-TEND stainless steel rope net from CARL STAHL ARC. & nbsp; This outdoor facility also gives chimpanzees the opportunity to climb around outdoors in winter. 13 edge supports and five supports in the center support the X-TEND stainless steel roof net.

The zoo celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020

Around 50 kilometers from the Polish border is Ostrava on the Oder. The zoo was opened to the public on May 1, 1960. In the first year, the majority of the facility was an outdoor enclosure. This was a challenge in the first winter. In order for the animals to survive, they were all housed in different small enclosures in a heatable warehouse.

The initially small zoo was expanded to include several animal species in the 1960s. During these years, pavilions came for ...

  • bears,
  • big cats,
  • elephants and
  • primates

... added. In addition, paddocks were created for lynxes, large deer and chimpanzees. The lynx, especially the type of island lynx, has been systematically bred for species conservation since 1965.

  • Project
    Zoo Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Application

    Exterior enclosure for chimpanzees

  • Products

    2.400 m², ◊ 60 mm, ø 3 mm