Bridge railings made of stainless steel nets and ropes

Bridge railings

Safe crossings

Pedestrian and bike bridges belong to the most common bridge applications. They lead over rivers, streets, rails etc. and offer pedestrians and cyclists a safe option to get from one site to the other.

Bridges that are only used by cars are rare. Normally, there are separated areas for vehicles and walkers. The dimensioning of the balustrade and its filling has to be capable to resist also impacts from cars, busses or trucks.

Changes within the constructional regulations for fall protection may cause that existing bridge balustrades do not fulfil them anymore like for example if the distances between the balustrade infill are too large. By adding X-TEND meshes, the existing balustrades can be preserved and adapted to the new regulations at the same time.

Suspension bridges require a careful treatment regarding static calculations. Especially the issue whether our meshes or other elements of the bridge take the occurring vibrations has to be taken into account.

Due to the used materials, wooden bridges fit into natural environments easily. Stainless steel cables and meshes give a modern and open appearance to the bridge and fit into its overall picture unobtrusively.

Horizontal safety

Throwing protection



Stainless Steel Cable Mesh


Stainless steel wire rope system