Facades with stainless steel rope and mesh systems


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Façades emphasize the building and fulfil numerous tasks. They protect and cover the building and present it. I-SYS stainless steel wire rope constructions, X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes and X-LED LED modules enable various design options for all facades and offer safety at the same time



Façades wit stainless steel wire rope systems

At façades, stainless steel wire ropes are mainly used as border construction or intermediate cables, for greenery or suspension of design elements. Although they are very stable and durable, they are that filigree that they step into the background next to the decoration elements or serve as modern composition and protection by themselves.

Façades with stainless steel cable mesh

Due to their high loading capacity and span width with modest self-weight, stainless steel cable meshes are ideal for usages at façades. An optimal adaption to different shapes of façades is possible because of the three-dimensional flexibility of the meshes. The transparency maintains light and air permeability and enables a safe falling protection without having a negative influence on the appearance of the building.

More about X-TEND

Common mesh sizes and cable diameters for façades

X-TEND Façade mesh width 40mm cable diameter2mm
Mesh width 40mm
Cable diameter 2mm
X-TEND mesh width 60mm cable diameter 2mm
Mesh width 60mm
Cable diameter 2mm
X-TEND with mesh width 120mm cable diameter 3mm
Mesh width 120mm
cable diameter 3mm
Opened Mesh
Mesh width 180mm wire rope diameter 3mm
X-TEND with mesh width 180 cable diameter 3mm
Opened mesh diamond
Mesh width 180mm cable diameter 3mm
vertical mesh direction
Vertical mesh direction
horizontal mesh direction façade X-TEND wire rope net
Horizontal mesh direction
Combined mesh direction and sizes
Combined mesh directions and sizes

The attachment of the border cables, which hold the X-TEND mesh, can be solved in a variety of ways. The distribution of forces requires appropriate connection structures and a load-bearing structure. Connection systems for X-TEND can be designed and combined in a variety of ways - eyelets, forks, brackets, screw-on clamps, eye nuts, cross clamps and cable guides ensure optimum load distribution in every individual case.

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Mounting our X-TEND meshes into frame constructions, forces caused by the tension of the mesh have an effect on the border tubes. To avoid a deforming of the border tubes a fitting dimensioning has to be regarded. Generally, frame constructions out of border tubes are defined on site. We are pleased to advise you in designing a fitting frame construction for your façade application.

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