I-SYS - Stainless steel wire rope system



I-SYS turns ideas into reality. The stainless steel cable system implements a wide variety of shapes and functions for modern architecture - both indoors and outdoors. Because hardly any other component is so versatile and universally applicable. Whether filigree railing filling, resilient rope suspension, fall protection, bracing or wind bracing, whether artistic object staging or climbing aid for facade greening - with I-SYS individual, aesthetic solutions are made from stainless steel ropes. Functional and stable, durable and decorative.

Holistic architecture program

I-SYS is a holistic concept for innovative architectural solutions. The combination with connections, connections and guides turns stainless steel cables into universal components. They have to be strong to absorb the active forces and at the same time fit in with the architecture. A balancing act that I-SYS masters with ease. The material allows economical solutions - durable, robust, low-maintenance and easy to maintain. The CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE suspension cable system comprises over 1,000 individual parts, from the pressed-on external thread to fork and eyelet solutions, for self-assembly on site or rolled on with assembled stainless steel cable systems. In conjunction with an extensive hardware catalog and rope diameter variations from 1 to 26 millimeters, there are almost unlimited application possibilities.

Wide range of applications

The areas of application of I-SYS are diverse. The stainless steel ropes adorn bridges, squares, railings and facades, delimit uses or mark structures in public spaces.

The I-SYS stainless steel cable system for railings enables individual shapes and solutions for the design of spaces on railings, balustrades or bridges. Formally reduced and filigree in aesthetics, the stainless steel railing ropes are both a securing and a design element. They follow every pitch angle and are provided with tensionable end connections for self-assembly. The I-SYS stainless steel rope constructions serve as fall protection at danger points. The stable ropes and connections made of stainless steel provide support and protect against accidents. In addition, the stainless steel cable assemblies are used as suspension cables, wind bracing or for hanging larger elements such as curtain walls.

As a climbing system for green facades, I-SYS winch and creepers serve as climbing aids and offer them a secure hold. An individually adjusted grid made of stainless steel cables arranged in parallel or in a cross shape ensures controlled growth of the facade greening. The elegant look ensures that the rope facade looks good while the green is still growing. As an optimal climbing aid, I-SYS enables extensive greening in any dimension. Weatherproof, durable and low-maintenance, the rope structure holds the living building envelope for decades. And: the rope facade already looks good when the green is still growing.

However, I-SYS is not only designed for structural applications in architecture, but is also suitable for industrial applications such as in machine and plant construction, in safety devices or in the construction of chairlifts as well as in the automotive, food and agricultural industries.

Certified safety

I-SYS has a production control externally monitored by KIT, as well as a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for selected products at the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). This makes it easier for builders and planners to implement their I-SYS project, because it speeds up approval procedures, reduces costs and offers greater planning and implementation security.


CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR offers full service worldwide for the implementation of construction projects with I-SYS architectural ropes made of stainless steel - from advice, planning and structural calculations to manufacture and assembly on-site. I-SYS is an offer for cooperation. The experts from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE give you competent advice and plan small and large projects with you, inspire you to find the best solution, calculate the statics of your stainless steel rope construction and offer reliable after-sales service.

Stainless steel wire rope system


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I-SYS turns ideas into reality. The stainless steel cable system implements a wide variety of shapes and functions for modern architecture - both indoors and outdoors.



Wall mount unit + rope + fantasy = Your individual greening solution!



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