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From consulting to installation, CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE offers you an end-to-end package of services.

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Our advice to architects, planners and customers continues throughout the implementation phase – from the initial idea to the executional planning

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Our technical department is there to plan mesh, cables and steelwork.

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Statical Analysis

If required, we supply the structural calculations for the preassembled systems – taking all load cases into account.

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Once the manufacturing plans for the cables and mesh have been drawn up, they are quickly and accurately implemented in line with the assembly plans in the company's own production facility.

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On request, experienced CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR fitters can take care of erecting the cables and mesh on site.

Our promise in quality and environment

Service without limitations

Resistance Class RC3
Fire resistance class
CO² friendly production & logistic

Memberships and Associations

The WAZA World Association of Zoos and Aquariums has stood for the protection of animals and nature since 1935, under the name of IUDZG - International Union of Directors of Zoological Gardens. With 2080 zoo and show aquarium operators, WAZA has put together a huge network, all of which have the same goal.


The VdZ in Germany obtains a social responsibility to support the preservation of biological diversity. The association realizes this goal by animal welfare and breeding of endangered animals as well as by the commitment to nature, species, environmental and animal protection, education for sustainable development, the promotion of research and the promotion of natural recreational areas.

VdZ Website

The EAZA was founded in 1992 and its mission is to facilitate cooperation within the European zoo and aquarium community towards the goals of education, research and conservation.. Therefore they do not only support in areaes of animal welfare and breeding, but also researching all aspects of animal biology as well as educating the visitors about animals and their habitats.

EAZA Website

Stairs are a very special part of the construction industry - the numerous staircase builders who have specialized in this area can only confirm that. The  German Association for stairs and railings brings together the staircase builders, collects important building guidelines, knowledge and standards in this area. As the products of Carl Stahl Architecture are used here in many ways, we are happy to participate here.

Website des BVTG

As early as 1958, stainless steel as a brand was introduced in order to label products of quality-conscious manufacturers, processors and suppliers. Two years later, the trademark association Edelstahl Rostfrei e.V. was established in Germany as the awarding authority for this quality seal.

Website des Verbandes

The objectives of the BuGG as an association for greenery go hand in hand with the objectives of Carl Stahl ARC GmbH in terms of green building. The goal is to expand the market for green buildings, green cities and the standard establishment of greenery in the construction planning. Carl Stahl Architecture offers a variety of greenery products and, with its membership at BuGG, promotes and demands sustainable urban planning, in which green façades and inner courtyards no longer represent a rarity.

BuGG Website

The WGIN can be seen as a global motivator for green infrastructure in cities and pursues the goal of promoting, expanding and researching all levels of green roof structures as well as greenery in general. In particular, the membership structure for sharing related expertise, practice and environmental and social benefits is essential.

WGIN Website

Loro Parque Fundación is not a conventional NGO. Since the Loro Parque in Tenerife bears the entire administrative costs, 100% of all donations go directly to the diverse conservation projects worldwide. Over the years, Loro Parque Fundación has invested nearly $ 16 million in 109 projects in 30 countries across five continents.

Website of the foundation

We are a member of the BG ETEM.

The BG = employers' liability insurance association is responsible for statutory accident insurance for commercial companies and their employees.

It controls and supports our company by means of accident prevention regulations in production and administration.

The BG ETEM examines and advises us on issues such as occupational health and safety, prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, and, if necessary, the best possible reintegration of employees.

More than 360 members join forces in the sense of joining forces for their common theme. We join now in this leitmotif of the IAKS and are now part of the sports facilities association.