LED light module system

Individually controllable LED dots, combined with a specially developed five-core ribbon cable, are applied at nodes of netting, between ropes or other carriers. They form an arbitrarily large illuminated image area for two- or three-dimensional multimedia presentations. Integrated processors in each light module ensure the necessary flexibility for dynamic image transitions and color uniformity. Standardized interfaces, images, animations and videos are transmitted directly to the system. Special software allows real-time video rendering and the programming of interactive, creative lighting designs. Carl Stahl creates a powerful complete system consisting of LED dots, carrier system and control system with the thoughtful combination of high-quality components.

Technical Summary


Endless possibilities

The Technique

- High performance LED modules with up to 42 cd intensity
- Video suitable
- Connection via standard interface
- Easy handling
- Low power consumption by LED technology

The mesh as supporting system

- Transparency
- High light and wind permeability
- Low weight
- Weather resistance

Flexibility and service

- Flexible dimensions
- Freie image/ light dot fixation between 60-300mm
- 3D formability
- Modular system
- If required, customized solutions

LED light design

Dazzling colours, great effect