LED light design in architecture

LED Light Design

Brilliant colours, extraordinary designs

X-LED light module system for architectural illumination offers uncountable possibilities for creative ideas and individual applications. Individually controllable light diodes create moving images and impressive light design.

Planning of sub-structures, connecting elements, system components, bill of material, programming, installation, scheduling, addressing etc. belong to our classical services.

To ensure safety of our systems, statical calculations are necessary. Calculation of the mesh/rope loads in the attachment structure as well as sizing of the sub-structures and fastening elements are part of such calculations.

Next to the delivery of our standard components, we also offer development and delivery of project specific components such as LED-dots, power supply units, controls, software and sub-structures.

We offer the whole installation of sub-structures and LED components or installation supervision by our foremen which lead the installation and instruct your staff.

For a better understanding of the technical backgrounds of your individual illumination solution we gladly introduce you and do trainings to the function of the hardware components, usage of the software and all important issues.

A maintenance contract can be concluded on request.

X-LED LINE consists out of LED lines with maximum 56 LED Dots that are installed on sub-structures such as c-profiles or stainless steel cables. The distances between the light points can be defined project specifically. The total length of the LED line including the supply line comes to 35 meters.

More about X-LED

Beneath our standard products, we offer individual solutions for all kind of LED illumination. We have longstanding experience in realising individual projects from feasibility studies over cost estimations, design proposals and development of special components to installation planning and material logistics. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions around your illumination project.


The flexible solutions made from stainless steel wire rope systems can ideally serve as a filigree support system for organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules. In cooperation with OPVIUS, one of the leading manufacturers of organic solar cells, we develop individual solutions for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us to realize your individual OPV project with us.


LED Modules

X-LED Dot Light module RGB Carl Stahl Architecture


black with RGB Colour spectrum

X-LED Dot Light module RGB Carl Stahl Architecture


transparent with RGB Colour spectrum

X-LED Dot T RGB REF Reflector


Reflector with RGB Colour spectrum

X-LED Dot black with white illumination, 4000K


black with white illumination, 4000K

X-LED Dot transparent with white illumination, 4000K


transparent with white illumination, 4000K

Diffusor LED modules X-LED


available for all LED Dots

Installation of the LED Modules on the mesh ferrule

LED Modules exchange

Easy removal of the clip before exchange

LED Modules exchange

Attachments of the LED Dot with hidden clips

LED Modules exchange

Thanks to the easy mechanism new clips can be attached easily


LED light modular system