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Balustrade Infills

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Balustrade infills are an important and diverse field of application for stainless steel wire ropes and stainless steel cable mesh. The balustrade infills serve as fall protection and meet the construction requirements with low dead weight.

Filigree balustrade infills made of stainless steel wire rope offer a transparent solution, which can be installed with different thread types of the I-SYS product program. Also for stairs, many options of matching form connections are available.

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Balustrade infills made of stainless steel cable mesh offer security and flexibility.
Any courses of the railing can be ideally covered with the mesh. How the mesh
is fastened on site can be solved individually with various types of connection possibilities.

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Mesh width

X-TEND Mesh width 30mm 1.5mm cable diameter
Mesh width 30mm
Cable diameter 1.5mm
X-TEND Mesh width 40mm 1.5mm cable diameter
Mesh width 40mm
Cable diameter 1.5mm
X-TEND Mesh width 60mm 1.5mm cable diameter
Mesh width 60mm
Cable diameter 1.5mm

Mesh direction

horizontal mesh direction X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh
horizontal mesh direction
railing infill vertical mesh direction Carl Stahl Architecture
vertical mesh direction
Diagonal mesh direction
Diagonal mesh direction



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