Suspension cable systems

Filigree support - reliable statics

Stainless steel wire ropes belong to the most versatile elements in architecture. From balustrade in-fills and suspension of different objects over applications in the area of design and shop fittings to stabilising wire ropes as wind bracings, the area of applications is almost unlimited.

In architecture, our suspension cable systems convince with their longevity and stability and are filigree and restrained at the same time. Due to their flexibility and with more than 1.200 components in the product line, they can be adapted individually to different applications inside and outside.

I-SYS wire rope assemblies are especially used in constructive architecture as wind bracings or for suspension of taller elements such as mounted façades. Furthermore, they are used as protection element of filigree balustrade in-fill.

The modular system POSILOCK is used in interior design as elegant and transparent suspension for example in fair construction and shop fitting but also for designing living or office rooms.

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Stainless steel wire ropes in constructive architecture

The building approved stainless steel cable constructions with rope diameters from 1-26mm resist even heavy loads. To do so, an appropriate dimensioning of cables and sub structure is required. Sticking to the dimensioning, the cable assemblies offer a safe and solid solution for suspension, design applications but also as stabilizing element in form of wind bracings.

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The modular suspension system

The modular system out of stainless steel cables with diameters from 1-3mm and numerous components out of nickel-plated brass enables an individual design of all suspensions. The system convinces with its longevity, high-quality materials, easy installation on different undergrounds and its maintenance-freedom.

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Endterminals and attachments

Forks as attachment stainless steel wire ropes


External threads as attachment stainless steel wire ropes

External threads

Internal threads as attachment stainless steel wire ropes

Internal threads

Eyes as attachment stainless steel wire ropes


End stops stainless steel wire ropes

End stops

Loops stainless steel wire ropes




Stainless steel wire rope system


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