Climate killer air transport

Flying is the most energy-intensive form of mobility.

The emissions from flying lead to considerable climate damage.


We at Carl Stahl ARC GmbH are proud to announce that our solutions for fall protection have taken first place at this year's Heinze ARCHITECTS' DARLING® 2019.

Game, set and mesh - X-TEND demonstrates its diversity in the Stade Roland Garros

After large-scale modernization and extension, the Stade Roland Garros, annual host of the French Open, will be offering players and spectators more space, comfort and service.

The foot and cycle path bridge in Neckartenzlingen

The foot and cycle path bridge in Neckartenzlingen, which blends harmoniously into the subsequent route with a beautifully curved S-shape, serves primarily as a safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists on the Neckar.

Hiking and cycling path on Lake Como

A phenomenal mix of mild climate that reflects the feeling of Italian summer and Alps, which shows the other side of the 425 meter deep lake.

Parking garage Klinik am Eichert

The parking garage of the Alb-Fils Clinic, with a size of 937 parking spaces, is one of the largest parking garages in the district of Göppingen. Furthermore, the object, built with 600 tonnes of steel, also has four electric charging stations for electric cars.

Luitenbächer Höhe - The attraction of the Remstal Gartenschau 2019

Remstal Gartenschau on the Luitenbächer Höhe


The viewing platform "Luitenbächer Höhe" in Großheppach, opened in 2017 andwill be part of the big Remstal Gartenschau event this year, which will take place nationwide for the first time.


Carl Stahl Architecture turns the "Wheel of the world"

The Global Village festival park in Dubai offers one more attraction: a large-scale LED-steel cable mesh by Carl Stahl Architecture illuminates the "Wheel of the World" - a 60 meter high ferris wheel that marks the park from far away.

Westerstede Fassade I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystem

In Westerstede, Lower Saxony, a modern, new office building has been erected with an unique façade cladding thanks to cross-stretched I-SYS stainless steel wire rope systems. The durable stainless steel wire ropes were equipped with cross clamps and are thus ideally suitable for greenery.

Zoo-Anlagen X-TEND Edelstahlseilnetz Voliere Pforzheim
Sneak Peek: New home for uhus and northern bald ibis

After the installation of the new aviary for northern bald ibises and uhus in the Wildpark Pforzheim, getting a first glimpse of the 250-square-meter facility is now possible. Thanks to nearly support structure-free airspace and a height of up to 8 meters, numerous flight maneuvers are possible for...

Ballfangnetz X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz
Sunny soccer game in dizzy heigths

Old office and fabric buildings from the CELLS Group were turned into the Campus "Graphisches Viertel" Leipzig, which obtains an overall area of 16,000 square meters. On the top of one part of the building, the kids can do sports safely in dizzy heigths thanks to a roof safety and ball catch mesh...

Norwegen Atlantikstrasse X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz
A romantic walk in Norway

The round walk along the island Eldhusøya is a spectacular walkway with a view, which follows the shape of the island in a wavy form and gives the feeling to be even more close to the arctic sea.

RWTH Aachen X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz

Near the university hospital in Aachen the new Campus Melaten for education and research is built - the first building is realized with a 29 meter, futuristic cubus. To secure the 7 floors, X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was integrated into the staircases in an optimal way.