Jakob-Muth-Campus, Nuremberg

Safety first! With window guards and stair banners made from our X-TEND mesh, we create a secure environment. At the Jakob-Muth-Campus in Nuremberg, our XT3 frames have been installed on the windows for safety. They represent an innovative solution for securing windows, providing the highest level...

Cycle and pedestrian path, Passau

The bicycle and pedestrian path in Passau transforms into a real eye-catcher in the evening. Not only does it look very aesthetic, but it is also particularly safe for pedestrians and cyclists due to the uniform illumination. It not only appears in a great light at night but also stands out during...

Greening car park, Kempten

Once again, a car park blooms in vibrant green splendor. The facade greening at the Kempten car park is not only an absolute eye-catcher but also a visually appealing way to make the car park more inviting and sustainable. To fully green the facade, the GREENCABLE HEAVY system, with a height of 13...

Eating Walls - Sponsoring Master thesis

Can dietary culture regenerate the urban landscape? This question was posed by Simon Herdegen and Felix Müller from HTW Berlin as part of their Master's thesis in the "System Design" program. On this occasion, we provided X-TEND stainless steel meshes to enable the realization of an experimental...

Suspension Bridge Forchach

A new exciting project awaits us in Forchach: The 138-meter-long suspension bridge in Forchach provides a great view over the Lech. It was built to replace the outdated suspension bridge. In addition to the magnificent view of the river landscape, it is also ideal for walking, hiking, and cycling.

Successful Year-End 2023

2023 – a year full of challenges and successes now lies behind us. We look back on a year where we achieved much together. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the Christmas party at the Kesselhaus in Eislingen. In this unique location, we came together to celebrate the year's successes. It was...

Pure Christmas spirit!

Our hard-working trainees not only put up and lovingly decorated this year's Christmas tree, but also crowned it with a self-made star! We are delighted to have a Christmassy atmosphere in the building - thank you very much!

Top 10 - löwenstarker Arbeitgeber (lion-strong employer)

The "Heroes in the district of Göppingen" have been chosen! Carl Stahl: A "löwenstarker Arbeitgeber" (lion-strong employer) with an outstanding presence! We are proud to be one of the top 10 companies in the district of Göppingen!

Detail Product Award 2023

We are proud to announce that our product 'Greencable Heavy' has won the prestigious DETAIL Product Award 2023 in the category 'Façade and Roof'. This success reflects our commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly construction technologies. 'Greencable Heavy' is not only a solution for...

20th anniversary - congratulations to Mr Green

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary! We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Domingo Green, an indispensable member of our rope systems production team. We would like to thank Domingo for two decades of outstanding work and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

We are part of it! Climate festival for the building revolution

Together we are changing the construction industry. Sustainably. Be there when all those involved in construction exchange ideas: Together we will discuss solutions, ideas and concepts for the construction industry of tomorrow. On 23/24 November in Berlin

Silcos greening

The Silcos company building shines in vibrant green. The green façade is not only an absolute eye-catcher, it also contributes to becoming more sustainable.

15th anniversary - congratulations to Mr Gaugler

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary! Proud of 15 years of tireless commitment and outstanding performance. A big thank you to Ulrich Gaugler for his dedication, passion and contribution to our success. Here's to the next 15 years full of inspiring moments and joint successes!

Kulturhof Stanggas Bischofswiesen

Where experiences and enjoyment meet, where nature is loved and protected. A place to be together against a breathtaking mountain backdrop, in a design-loving ambience. Small and large getaways, cheerful celebrations and inspiring events, outdoor activities and musical cultural events take place...

EAZA 2023 in Helsinki

Here at the EAZA 2023 conference in Helsinki, we will be presenting the many possibilities for enclosures and aviaries with X-TEND rope mesh. We are happy to share our creative enclosure solutions for animal husbandry and species conservation. Helsinki Zoo Korkeassari is a wonderful host. The...

Adventure tower at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann

Unique perspectives and breathtaking views - the adventure tower at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann lets you experience history in a new way and see the landscape with different eyes. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Neanderthals and enjoy the breathtaking view over the idyllic...

20th anniversary - congratulations to Mr Hummel

Congratulations on our 20th anniversary! 20 years of ground-breaking innovations and ideas! We are celebrating the remarkable company anniversary of our wonderful Research and Development Team Leader. Here's to the next 20 years of innovation and success!

Blackforestline Todtnauberg

A new breathtaking project awaits us in Todtnauberg: the Blackforestline, a spectacular suspension bridge, 120 metres high and 450 metres long. Enjoy the thrill and the priceless view of the impressive waterfall! Have your camera ready, because unforgettable moments await you here.

15th anniversary - congratulations to Mrs Uijanik

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary! Today we are celebrating not only the time that has passed, but also the incredible journey that our wonderful employee has travelled with us over the last 15 years. Thank you for being a valuable member of our team! Here's to the next 15 years of success...

DETAIL Product Award Nominee 2023

GREENCABLE® HEAVY is nominated for the DETAIL Product Award 2023! With our GREENCABLE greening system, we are making an important contribution to making our cities greener and actively counteracting the urban heat island effect.

Orang-utan house at Dresden Zoo

The orang-utan house at Dresden Zoo is currently being rebuilt and we are excited to see what our furry friends will discover in their new home. We are delighted to be able to help design the new enclosure with our stainless steel cable nets. Join us in the excitement and stay up to date.

Filigree structures made from stainless steel

With its entry into the manufacturer of LED handrail lighting, Lux Glender, Carl Stahl ARC is expanding its expertise in the field of fall protection and architectural lighting. The two family-run companies have already worked together on numerous projects in recent years.


Carl Stahl ARC, a global...


Through our consistent commitment to a wide variety of research and innovation projects, we at Carl Stahl ARC GmbH actively invest in future-oriented systems and are therefore allowed to use the seal "INNOVATIVE THROUGH RESEARCH 2022/2023".


With our COLOURS product range, we bring colour into play. Powder coating makes different surface structures and gloss levels possible: glossy, silk matt, matt and now also metallic gloss.

Installation on the green Island

Over the past few weeks, our installation team has completed our X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh railing infill and fall protection on the Avondale Treetop Walkway tower.

Securing snow leopard offspring with X-TEND species protection (copy 1)

Wilhelma in Stuttgart is a unique combination of zoo and botany, integrated into a historic palace complex. About 11,000 animals in over 1,200 species from all over the world live on about 28 hectares

Hello Cobi - our new four-legged colleague

Carl Stahl ARC GmbH has a new colleague with 4 paws.

Horizontal securing at the helipad in Goeppingen with X-TEND

The new building for the Klinik am Eichert in Goeppingen is one of the largest construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. State-of-the-art medicine and care are created here in a building complex that guarantees high-quality healthcare.

Flocking Tejas Installation at La Biennale Archittetura di Venezia 2021

Carl Stahl ARC supports BASE studio in realizing this amazing prototype.

Steel monument to the King of Clay RAFAEL NADAL

The steel statue is 3 meters high and almost 5 meters wide and shows him with his famous forehand top spin.

Schwimmende Gärten in Vienna - peace and quiet in the heart of the city

To ensure safety when using the schwimmende Gärten, which means floating gardens, reliable fall protection is essential - both in the area of ​​the bridges and on the edge of the island.

Trilux and Carl Stahl ARC: two strong partners

Trilux has been producing high-quality light sources for more than 100 years. The company has now specialized in economical and environmentally friendly LEDs. These are also used for the design of X-LED.

X-TEND | Double protective fence at the zoo animal of the year 2021

Zoos play a key role in protecting species. They are dedicated to protecting endangered habitats and at the same time breeding endangered species. In 2016 the species protection campaign “Zoo Animal of the Year” was launched in Germany

X-TEND as a ball stop mesh at the HOGA school in Dresden

With around 560,000 inhabitants, Dresden is not only the largest city in the Free State of Saxony. In addition, it is its state capital and its cultural and economic center.

Vista Hills Croatia - Great view with X-TEND

On the slopes of the Učka Mountains in the east of Istria lies the small medieval town of Mošćenice - the small hill town in the hinterland of Mošćenička Draga is part of the Croatian cultural heritage.

ThinKing Awards 2020: 2nd place for X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

The X-LED LED network makes it possible to design outstanding lighting elements. This ensures an outstanding optical effect. This product was awarded second place in 2020 at the ThinKing Award, which the State Agency for Lightweight Construction Baden-Württemberg awards annually.

Lehigh University Pennsylvania: Railings with X-TEND3 for optimal fall protection

The high-quality stainless steel products from Carl Stahl ARC have already been used in many renowned building projects. One of these is the Lehigh University building in Pennsylvania.

Light design at the port of Kiel - with X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

In addition to stainless steel ropes and nets for fall protection, Carl Stahl Architektur also offers the X-LED line. This is suitable for LED lighting design such as at the Port of Kiel,

Arch bridge Tegenbosch: high security through the use of X-TEND

Like most cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven offers excellent conditions for cyclists. Since the A2 motorway runs on the western outskirts and is a major obstacle for cyclists.

Securing snow leopard offspring with X-TEND species protection (copy 1)

Wilhelma in Stuttgart is a unique combination of zoo and botany, integrated into a historic palace complex. About 11,000 animals in over 1,200 species from all over the world live on about 28 hectares

KiTa Bärenhöle: high safety for children thanks to X-TEND

In September 2020 the time had finally come: The Bärenhöhle day care center in the East Frisian community of Esens opened its doors. After around 16 months of construction, the new building was ready to move in.

A tree house at an impressive height with X-TEND security

The tree house Around the Oak in Halle in Westphalia is a very special building. It is located in the crown of a huge oak tree - at a height of more than 11 meters. The whole construction is supported by this stately tree.

Free flight for colorful birds with X-TEND

With ARALANDIA, one of the largest macaw aviaries in Europe has been created in the Wuppertal Green Zoo.

X-TEND Colors | The golden solution at the Flowers Hotel Essen

X-TEND also scores with the use of different colors, which are created in RAL. This creates a design note.

X-TEND Fall protection

Secure, robust and durable - these characteristics characterize the X-TEND fall protection systems from CARL STAHL ARC GmbH.

X-TEND ball catch mesh ensure safety in school and sports facilities

Ball stop catch meshes from X-TEND are very popular in ball sports such as soccer, handball, basketball or tennis. High quality and very weather resistant.

X-TEND safety | Chinese leopards in Hoyerswerda

The X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh helps to keep animals in a species-appropriate manner and gives visitors a feeling of security when looking into the enclosure.

X-TEND CXE ensures creativity and security on the school roof

It is not only the art and the trade fairs that make Leipzig so popular and popular, but especially the educational offer here offers young and young at heart a high-quality and sustainable education.

Mumbai Zoo: Birds in free flight

In India's first accessible free-flight aviary in Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan Zoo Byculla in Mumbai, visitors can experience the feathered inhabitants up close in a spacious, nature-like habitat.

Filigree cable balustrade at EeStairs Headquarter

Elegance meets function at the new head office of the international staircase manufacturer EeStairs in the Dutch town of Barneveld

Bundeswehr technical school

After two years of construction, the Bundeswehr technical school, with a total construction volume of € 15 million, was inaugurated on the grounds of the Neureuther Kirchfeld barracks in Karlsruhe in December of last year.

Mediterranean style in the heart of Turin

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Turin, the Scuola Enrico Fermi has recently opened its gates again.

Climate killer air transport

Flying is the most energy-intensive form of mobility.

The emissions from flying lead to considerable climate damage.


We at Carl Stahl ARC GmbH are proud to announce that our solutions for fall protection have taken first place at this year's Heinze ARCHITECTS' DARLING® 2019.

Game, set and mesh - X-TEND demonstrates its diversity in the Stade Roland Garros

After large-scale modernization and extension, the Stade Roland Garros, annual host of the French Open, will be offering players and spectators more space, comfort and service.

The foot and cycle path bridge in Neckartenzlingen

The foot and cycle path bridge in Neckartenzlingen, which blends harmoniously into the subsequent route with a beautifully curved S-shape, serves primarily as a safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists on the Neckar.

Hiking and cycling path on Lake Como

A phenomenal mix of mild climate that reflects the feeling of Italian summer and Alps, which shows the other side of the 425 meter deep lake.

Luitenbächer Höhe - The attraction of the Remstal Gartenschau 2019

Remstal Gartenschau on the Luitenbächer Höhe


The viewing platform "Luitenbächer Höhe" in Großheppach, opened in 2017 andwill be part of the big Remstal Gartenschau event this year, which will take place nationwide for the first time.


Sunny soccer game in dizzy heigths

Old office and fabric buildings from the CELLS Group were turned into the Campus "Graphisches Viertel" Leipzig, which obtains an overall area of 16,000 square meters. On the top of one part of the building, the kids can do sports safely in dizzy heigths thanks to a roof safety and ball catch mesh...