Large zoo enclosure made of X-TEND stainless steel mesh

Fencing System

Transparent fence structure - noble optics

To protect what is one's own and to separate it from strangers is a basic human need. At the latest since man settled in the Neolithic Age, the first fences marked property and protected against uninvited access. This function of fences is still valid today, although their design has changed significantly over time. Because fences around gardens and properties are increasingly becoming a design element that underlines the architecture of the house or sets optical highlights. Last but not least, the garden fence also marks the threshold between stress and rest. If you step through the garden gate, you symbolically leave the hectic outside world behind and enter your own refuge for rest and relaxation. In this way, the fencing of the outside area is of great importance, which CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR takes into account with its new PERIMESH stainless steel fence system.

With PERIMESH, CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR has developed a fence system made of stainless steel that combines form and function in a special way. Based on the proven X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh with its transparent structure, it blends harmoniously into the architecture and at the same time defines clear boundaries. As a modular complete system for fence construction, PERIMESH offers space for individual design ideas. The result is timeless elegance and lasting aesthetics.



With a diameter of 1.5 mm and a mesh size of 65 mm, it is delivered by the meter, shortened to the required size on site and assembled


A patented tensioning system made of robust edge ropes and clamps keeps the stainless steel rope mesh securely tensioned between the posts


Passage solutions in the form of single or double gates with a mesh of stainless steel cables in standard heights of 1000 and 1250 millimeters.