Green facade with stainless steel cables and meshes

Façade greenery

the green envelope

The greenery system GREENCABLE out of aluminium serves as trellis structure for climbing plants. Due to the various different variations of wire rope guidance, the cylindrical base with four drill holes through which the cable is inserted offers high flexibility in design and modular expendability of the system as well as easy installation.


X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes can not only be used as protection. Installed at façades, they can be used as trellis structure for climbing plants in façade greenery and combine the advantages of façade greenery ideally with safety and design due to their flexibility and design.

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The product line I-SYS offers a modularly expendable greenery system out of stainless steel for individual designs of façade greenery. It can be adapted optimally to the demands of the particular plant species and the architecture of the building. Like this individual cable courses can be realised for example for recesses for windows in greenery.

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The advantages of a green façade are obvious:

building protection green façades

Building protection

Greenery protects the building against environmental impacts such as sunlight, hail and dirt and like this helps to preserve building structure.

noise protection and insulation GREENCABLE façade

Noise protection and insulation

The damming characteristics of green facades reduce noise reflection in- and outside the building, they cool the building in summer and dam it in winter.

City greenery façade greenery environment

Better air and green cities

Plants filter and absorb dust and pollutants out of the air. Furthermore, they produce oxygen and like this improve air quality.  Green surfaces improve living quality, create feel-good atmospheres and improve the cityscape.

Environmental protection Carl Stahl Architektur

Environmental protection

The additionally created green areas enlarge the living areas for plants and animals and like this contribute to maintain biodiversity.



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