Media façades

Sending messages with light

The special feature of media façades with X-LED is its high flexibility – from letterings over pictures and advertisements up to videos, almost everything can be shown on the façade. In contrast to classical screens or banners out of textile and other materials, the view out of the building can be maintained almost unlimited due to the high transparency of the mesh. The carrying structure of the illumination system can serve as falling protection at the same time.


Used as advertisement space, short commercials, changing advertisements or the logo of the company can be shown. Due to the possibility of changing advertisements and the freedom from size limitations, the X-LED light module system offers a higher flexibility as printed banner or posters and serves as eye catcher even in the night time.

Beneath its design characteristics, X-LED can be used as falling protection at facades or bridges at the same time due to the supporting structures out of stainless steel wire ropes and stainless steel cable meshes. Like this, functionality and aesthetics get optimally combined and create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Technical Information



LED light modular system