Facade protection with stainless steel meshes

Façade safety

elegant and safely cladding

Stainless steel cables and cable meshes are a light and transparent possibility of falling protection at façades. Due to the high transparency a comprehensive protection without or with only low reduction of view and light transmission is possible. In contrast to massive building wraps they can also be used in light building architecture because of the low weight.

Especially at older and listed buildings, it may happen that the material of the façade becomes porous and that parts start to fall down. To avoid hazards to pedestrians and passing cars, an X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh can be installed to prevent the parts from falling down. Like this it offers safety on the one hand and on the other hand maintains the optic of the façade due to its high transparency.

The fly in protection protects especially against birds and prevents them from reaching areas where they are unwished or pose a threat.

combined mesh diamonds

Damping of radar refelection


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh


Stainless steel wire rope system