Fall protection with stainless steel cable mesh

Fall protection

In Case of Falling

Helipads belong to the most frequent use cases of horizontal protections. Frame constructions out of stainless steel wire ropes or border tubes as well as their infills out of stainless steel cable mesh adapt to the shape of the landing area ideally. Like this, our systems offer variable solutions for round or angular helipads.

Especially in day care centres, kinder gardens and schools horizontal protections are used as fall protection in addition to balustrades. Mounted subsequently, stainless steel cable meshes do not only rise safety but also adapt unobtrusively to the overall architecture of the building or room and maintain openness and light transmission due to their transparency. At the same time, decoration elements can be fixed at the mesh. 

Horizontal mesh at bridges serves as additional falling and suicide protection but also as protection against falling objects and can be installed in addition to railings.

The vertical protectectionss are not only present on façades and bridges, but also serve indoors as a demarcation and protection against the falling of people and objects. As a transparent wall in front of a gallery, this safety mesh serve as a functional and elegant barrier.

Roof safety mesh serves a special challenge of modern city planning. They are used wherever a protection at high altitudes is desired. For example, for playgrounds or sports fields on roofs, this solution offers a completely stable and airy protection from falling down

Safety recommendations

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