Safety mesh

Safety mesh

Flexible solutions for your safety case

Mesh to catch balls is mainly used at sports grounds and school yards in different surroundings to avoid that balls leave them. In this field of application, X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh convinces especially with its stability, longevity and flexibility.Throwing protection mesh avoid that objects can be thrown from buildings or bridges. Like this, the mesh protects people and  vehicles passing under them from falling objects.

A falling protection suitable for children plays an important role for play equipment. While designing them, especially the small body dimensions of children have to be taken into account. This means that the protection has to be crafted without any pinch, cutting and catching points which could hurt children. With its different mesh widths and the three-dimensional flexibility, the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh offers a safe solution for all kinds of play equipment.

Mesh that serve as bird protection avoids birds from entering spaces where they are unwanted, in danger of getting hurt or even pose a threat. Birds pose a risk to humans when they for example enter airplane turbines. At the same time, the turbines endanger life of the birds. This shows that bird protection meshes offer safety for humans and animals. Bird protection mesh at skylights that prevent birds from entering the building are another classic use case.

Especially for correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals but also at airports, protection against outbreak and handover of instrumentalities is an important issue. Our stainless steel cable mesh offers a modern and unobtrusive possibility of installing those safety measures.

Caused by the rising usage of drones in private and commercial areas, new sources of danger appear. X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes can be used as protection meshes against them to protect for example against falling drones or avoid the dropping of hazardous goods over the target destination (e.g. inner courtyards of prisons). By keeping away drones, the meshes additionally prevent from espionage or entering cooling systems of server farms what could lead to a switching off.




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