Stair guards made of stainless steel mesh

Staircase Safety

stainless steel net

Wire rope harps consist out of several vertical tensioned single cables. In general, they are fixed at the ceiling and on the floor or directly at the stairway. If the minimum and maximum distances between the single ropes are considered installing cable harps in public buildings, I-SYS cables fulfil safety regulations easily.

Net stockings are used for taller staircase eyes. The net stocking runs room-high within the staircase eye and like this offers a climbing over and falling protection. They can take the exact shape of the staircase eye or slightly differ from it. To ensure security a step through protection is installed along the course of staircases and platforms.

Staircase enclosure means that the whole staircase is coated with a mesh what can be seen frequently at fire and emergency stairways. The transparency of X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes gives a restraining character to the enclosure and preserves the view on the building or the environment or maintains the openness if the enclosure is in the building.

In many cases existing staircase protections such as railings in listed buildings are not able to fulfil the rising security requirements anymore. To maintain them and comply with the building regulations, additional staircase protections such as staircase banners or net stockings can be installed. Due to the high transparency of stainless steel cable meshes, the focus on the contemporary architecture of the particular building can be preserved.

Staircase banners consist out of one mesh panel that usually runs over the whole height of a room over one or several floors. The staircase banner is fixed with the help of border cables or tubes on all four sites. If the mesh runs over a longer distance, additional intermediate ropes are installed to provide a better stability. Furthermore, it is possible to install a handrail directly at the stainless steel cable mesh. Moreover, a step through protection is mounted along the course of the staircase and platforms.

Protection against stepping through

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