Suspensions with I-SYS rope support systems


Smart attachments with stainless steel wire rope suspensions

In contrast to classical street lights, lamps that are suspended outside have the advantage that they do not have any post and can be installed moveable or statically. The stainless steel cables give an unobtrusive, transparent and at the same time modern optic to the suspension.

In interior design, our products are mainly used for building shelves or as suspension of decoration elements such as pictures. Additionally signs and guideposts are often hung up in public and bureau buildings to facilitate orientation in the building.

At stairways, stainless steel cables can be used as suspension at one side and serve as falling protection at stairs at the same time, if defined maximum distances are adhered. To give enough stability to the staircase, it has to be firmly established in the wall or be held immobile in its position with the help of a stable holding element.

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One kind of suspending of bridges are hanging bridges. In this case, stainless steel cables often give stability and work together with further shaping and firming building parts.

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Stainless steel wire rope constructions can be used in suspension of canopies as in most of the cases an anchoring of the canopy in the brickwork is not sufficient. Stainless steel cables are a filigree and modern alternative to steel and wood constructions and do not need additional posts.

lamps interior suspension

Lamps Interior

Wire rope diameter Ø 1,5-3 mm

lamps exterior suspension

Lamps Exterior

Wire rope diameter Ø 6-16 mm

Interior Design POSILOCK Suspension wire ropes

Interior Design

Wire rope diameter Ø 1,5-3 mm

staircases suspension


Wire rope diameter Ø 4-8 mm

Suspension bridges


Wire rope diameter Ø 6-26 mm

Canopies suspension


Wire rope diameter Ø 6-16mm



Stainless steel wire rope system


Suspension and Installation system