A tree house at an impressive height with X-TEND security

A tree house at an impressive height with X-TEND security

The Around the Oak tree house in Halle in Westphalia is a very special building. It is located in the crown of a huge oak tree - at a height of more than 11 meters. The whole construction is supported by this stately tree. High-quality building materials from Carl Stahl Arc GmbH were used for the implementation. These ensure excellent security at this dizzying height.

Carl Stahl Arc GmbH: Your partner for tree houses

The high-quality products from Carl Stahl have already been used for several tree houses. Examples are the Lodge Black Cristal in the state of New York in the USA and the Lütetsburg tree house lodges not far from the North Sea coast. The Around the Oak structure presented here is another project. The advantage of building materials from this manufacturer is that they are characterized by enormous strength. Banisters or fall protection systems can be implemented excellently. In addition, they are very flexible and are therefore ideal for individual tree house constructions.

A very special tree house

Most of the tree houses that we have worked on to date were three to four meters high. However, the Around the Oak tree house far exceeds this figure. The terrace and the floor of the house are at a height of 11.20 meters. This makes special demands - both in terms of security and access. This leads through an old barn. The residents leave these via a skylight, which is connected to a small walkway. This will take you to an impressive spiral staircase that goes around the trunk of the oak. In this way, the ascent to the tree house offers an intense experience of nature.

High-quality railing infill for safety and an attractive appearance

Reliable fall protection is particularly important on a terrace at a height of more than 11 meters. That's why X-TEND from Carl Stahl Architektur was used for the railing infill. This is a high-quality stainless steel rope mesh that is extremely robust and resistant. It therefore contributes to a high level of security and is ideally suited for terrace and stair railings. The material is also weatherproof, so you benefit from an excellent service life.

Details about the tree house:

  • Carrying tree: oak
  • Height: 11.20 m
  • Living space: 8.6 m²
  • Terrace area: 9 m²
  • Railing infill: X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh