Arch bridge Tegenbosch: high security through the use of X-TEND

Arch bridge Tegenbosch: high security through the use of X-TEND

Like most cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven offers excellent conditions for cyclists. Since the A2 motorway runs on the western outskirts and is a major obstacle for cyclists, one of the few ways to cross the motorway was the bridge on Anthony Fokkerweg. However, this is a motorway feeder with enormous traffic. As a result, the city of Eindhoven decided to come up with a solution to this problem. The result was a huge arched bridge for cyclists and pedestrians, which the A2 now crosses at a distance of 140 meters parallel to Anthony Fokkerweg. High-quality stainless steel cable nets from Carl Stahl ARC were used for the implementation.

Impressive arch bridge over the motorway

At this point the motorway, together with the parallel N2 and the exits and driveways, comprises a total of 14 lanes. That makes it clear what dimensions the project had. So that the new structure does not further restrict the view at this already confusing place, the town planners decided on an arched bridge with a few pillars. The main span is an impressive 130 meters. The total length is 160 meters.

X-TEND stainless steel cable net: reliable protection against falls and vandalism

With these impressive dimensions, it is obvious that the fall protection is of a great importance here. An ordinary bridge railing is used for this. The railing infill consists of three stainless steel cables. A rope strand with a diameter of 8 mm is used. The 8mm horizontal cables are a good construction as balustrade infill but the strong regulations above the highways make it a must to place an additional higher fencing. Indeed for not climbing, but also for making it more difficult to throw stuff on the highway.

X-TEND stainless steel cable net: many advantages for the bridge railing

  • - Reliable protection through robust ropes and small mesh size
  • - The view of the bridge is hardly impaired
  • - Stainless steel for good weather resistance